What is a bridge sentence in an essay?

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He was graduated from bridge of Changsha railroad institute to fasten 1962. Not until 1910 would there be serious attempts to build bridges at the national level. Because of its broad reach, dream research offers the possibility of bridging the gaps in these fields.

The system of dikes were rather upgrowth in the Tang Chang’an and Northern Song Dongjing, but space form of bridges was different in the two Capital Cities. When they come up we can make out on the tiny bridges two figures covered in oilskins , but nevertheless drenched through and looking like drowned rats.

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Queens is connected to the Bronx by three bridges the Bronx Whitestone Bridge the Throgs Neck Bridge and the Triborough Bridge. BAeSEMA has been contracted by the navy to come up with a new design for bridges incorporating the latest in ergonomic practice. The maximum effect on the influence line analysis results of cable-stayed bridges was the changing of elastic modulus of cables.

  1. So energetically do we pursue this aim that after crossing an unfordable river we burn the bridges to separate ourselves from our enemy, who at the moment is not Bonaparte but Buxhowden.
  2. Such conditions arise from the matching with the solution in thin bridges .
  3. Early-retirement benefits bridged the period between the cessation of work and the date of entitlement to a state and supplementary pension.
  4. In 1973 the neighboring Lyon Street Bridge was completed to the east to expand capacity to a total of four lanes between the two bridges.
  5. This spring, seeking to augment the Untermyer’s outdoor performances, Byrns reached out (“A lot of water under the bridge in the last 5 years,” he wrote in an e-mail) and invited Gold to mount a program this summer.
  6. When they come up we can make out on the tiny bridges two figures covered in oilskins , but nevertheless drenched through and looking like drowned rats.

Be especially careful of ice on overpasses and bridges while driving in the winter. Words are like the nitroglycerine, they can blow up bridges or heal hearts. There are a couple of fudge options at hand, but neither entirely bridges the divide. Keep to the track, to the beaten track; Never return to the bridges you’ve burned. Meandering paths lead among dirt hills into odd little vales and over small bridges.

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I doubt, however, that many in either camp would agree that he has bridged the gap. On occasions, argumentative bridges have been unable to overcome all resistance from critics and sympathizers. This logical connection can be created in various ways, for example, by using a bridge statement. We start by pointing to the previous passage and then introduce the topic for a new paragraph . Use such words and phrases that will help create a smooth transition between ideas. Definition and synonyms of bridge from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

  1. In the first few centuries of the towns existence it was a wooden bridge.
  2. CSR must become a business communication lubricant to build harmonious within and external bridges.
  3. Two salt bridges are arranged in the composite electrode to fill ring-shaped flexible diaphragm formed by hot pressing of potassium chloride, thus providing ion exchanging paths between solutions.
  4. The thesis statement is a question – The term “statement” should be a hint that a thesis in the form of a question is an ineffective thesis.
  5. Ineffective thesis statements usually consist of a question, or a topic that is too broad, too vague, or which contains too many unrelated ideas.
  6. Expository Statement Expository thesis statements are written to be unbiased and to present information in a straightforward way.

The hook is also known as an attention getter or an attention grabber. The hook sentence should be written in a way to entice the reader to read more. There are a lot of ways to write a good hook, and picking the best one to use in an essay really depends on what the essay is about. To bridge that gap, many aspiring verbs to introduce quotes pilots work as flight instructors. The same exhibits are there, the stately bridge behind the building still leads over the Wilson River, and the fire lookout tower still stands out front. No one can construct for you thebridgeupon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone.


1Bored piling shall be used for the pumping station and bridges for the Projects. These electrical bridges measure the physical properties of insulating materials. Bored piling shall be used for the pumping https://brainchildtech.com/2022/12/26/using-quotations-in-essays/ station and bridges for the Projects. The disulfide bridges might then be viewed primarily as stabilizing components. Words are like the nitroglycerine, they can blow up bridges — or heal hearts.

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A bridge is an opening statement that connects two ideas by “pointing” to the previous paragraph and introducing the topic of the next paragraph. Now let’s look at each type’s examples to see the common points and the differences. First, we will present the last sentence of how long should an essay be? a previous paragraph and then a color-coded bridge of each type. These three things are the main elements of most bridge sentences. The beginning, dependent, clause probably refers to the content of a preceding paragraph that presented the ant as a community-focused worker.

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Private and road freight transportation was encouraged in the name of the national car industries and supported by the construction of highways, viaducts, connecting roads, bridges, and underpasses . The increasing rapidly of traffic quantity raise higher demand about the transit capacity of the old bridges.

bridge sentence example

The thesis is too broad – For example, “climate change is bad!” While this is certainly true, the argument presented here is way too broad for a discipline as large as climate change. In the previous example, the writer gives background information on what https://tell.schillermedia.de/how-to-shorten-an-essay-to-make-it-fit-the-set the store owner has done since buying the store. This background information transitions into the thesis of the essay — the importance of not supporting this business. Another way to look at the hook is to draw a comparison to the events of a good concert.

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The first paragraph of an essay sets up plays for the writer much the same as the lead-off batter does for the rest of their team. Fortunately, there are organizations out there working to bridge access gaps for those that need it most. For Republicans, however, the key is to bridge the divide within the party that has often seen candidates with less accommodating positions win primary races, only to be defeated in the more moderate-leaning general election. The bridge was struck and brought down by a dump truck that was being used for a nearby project. The Tienditas bridge serves as a powerful symbol of improving ties between Venezuela and Colombia 📬 Sign up for the Daily Brief Our free, fast, and fun briefing on the global economy, delivered every weekday morning. While the new Israeli government also roils the Palestinian relationship, the Netanyahu administration’s plans are a bridge too far for many Israelis and American Jews, including some who have long been Israel’s staunchest supporters.

Taishun County has more than 90covered bridges, many of them hundreds of years old, as well as a covered bridge museum. The variance in the strength of existing bridges is such as to be apparent to the educated eye without any calculation. And so then he put two bridges — this all happened on the fax, going back and forth over a couple of weeks’ period. Bone bridges formed in defects of growth plates which were early closed. The operation called for glider and airborne troops to seize bridges and hold them until British armor units arrived. These 50 hectares are decorated with gingerbread pavilions and bridges; its paths are fringed by gracious palm trees.

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He ordered subordinates to destroy Manilas bridges and port, and then to follow him to the mountains. After being well-equipped, jumpers leap headfirst from bridges, towers, cranes, and even air balloons.

Thus, religion, patronage, and the cultural ideal and practice of mutual suppor t have long served as bridges between religion and the state. He bridged the unsolvable problem by a hypothesis written at the beginning of the second table. By transforming the two approaches to inferences of a similar nature they suggested that the gap between the two can be bridged. The bridges it had tried to build were broken at both ends, and the confessional historians of both sides hastened to erase its memory.

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Structural steel beams, for instance, have been introduced to minimize the deflection in horizontal slabs, bridging very large spans or projecting in large cantilevers. The exact nature of the bridges to be constructed, however, remains a matter of some uncertainty. Other inaccuracies include 1000 word paper is how many pages the characterization of different senses of focus in a footnote to the discussion of the topic-focus model of bridging crossreference. The gap between observed symptoms and latent symptom dimensions can thus be bridged by analysis of the co-variance between the observed symptoms.

  1. The distance between body and mind has to be bridged by two intermediary powers, vegetative and sensitive.
  2. The Rebel army won many early battles in the cause of making sure that Southern gallantry , plantation life and refined manners rolled over the backs of Negro slaves like planks on the social and economic bridges that connected the regime.
  3. 1, Britain needs to bridge the technology gap between academia and industry.
  4. During the 21st the bridges became more and more unsafe, owing to the violence of the current, but the French crossed without intermission all day and during the night.
  5. These bridges include several different types including bascule and vertical lift bridges.
  6. I would consider it pedantry to say, “It’s not building, someone is building it”.

He heard many voices as people passed on the pathway from the bridge to the ramp. Cross the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in the city,[/Ile] to the Ile de la Cite. Clients are sent up to the first floor by lift and stair, where they turn towards the top-lit ‘street’ and the to kill a mockingbird essays bridges over it. Moreover, its applicability and evident novelty make it attractive to both worlds, frequently bridging the gap between the two. Given appropriate domain references, any domain of interest to the engineer can be bridged to retrieve relevant phenomena.

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Amongst remarkable American girder bridges may be mentioned the Ohio bridge on the Cincinnati Covington railway, which is probably the largest girder span constructed. A new plan has been put together to clean up road and railway bridges and shopping centres as part of the council’s Street Force initiative to spruce up the city.

  1. More than just being a mere summary, however, a topic sentence often provides a claim or an insight directly or indirectly related to the thesis.
  2. 2The rivet, visibly prominent on older steel bridges, is a metal pin fastener with one end flattened into a head by hammering it through a metal gusset plate.
  3. And then — okay, this is where we get to the song — kind of bridges the gap to the emotional.
  4. Cantilever bridge piers in the use of long-span bridges the middle it is usually not feasible in the bridge structure.
  5. For example, in a standard 5 paragraph essay, the introduction would be a paragraph long.
  6. 1The New York Port Authority said it had closed all bridges and tunnels into the city.
  7. On occasions of festivals or pageants the balconies, the bridges, the boats, and even the facades of the houses, were hung with rich Eastern carpets or patterned textiles in gold and coloured silk.

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